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Artist Statement:

Inspired by rituals, narratives and cultural aspects evolving the relationship between the wild and the man-made, my work portrays ancient elements and traditions that carry on to this day. The pictorial motifs are at once symbolic and poetic, drawn from personal as well as collective memories and reflect ecological, social, political and theological aspects that influence my everyday life.

In a detailed and refined drawing whether it is with a simple ballpoint pen on paper or by brush strokes, I deal with the act of mapping and the definition of actual and symbolic boundaries. I am interested in examining the domestication of nature, and while documenting the process of growth and withering in the wild, I correspond with old masters paintings and botanical drawings in a criticizing point of view.

Through my body of work I invite the audience to observe closely and consider questions regarding social identities and evolution and bring to mind the dialectics between local and global, the planted and the uprooted, east and west, indoors and outdoors, nature and culture, entangling past and present, charted pathways and unrestrained nature.

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